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Otaviano Canuto

Mr. Otaviano Canuto is the Executive Director at the Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for Brazil, Cabo Verde, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guyana, Haiti, Nicaragua, Panama, Suriname, Timor Leste and Trinidad and Tobago.

Mr. Canuto has previously served as Vice President, Executive Director and Senior Advisor on BRICS economies at the World Bank, as well as Vice President at the Inter-American Development Bank. He has also served at the Government of Brazil where he was State Secretary for International Affairs at the Ministry of Finance. He has also an extensive academic background, serving as Professor of Economics at the University of São Paulo and University of Campinas (UNICAMP) in Brazil. Dr. Canuto is co-editors of Financial Deepening and Post-Crisis Development in Emerging Markets (2016) 




Aleksandr V. Gevorkyan 

Dr. Aleksandr V. Gevorkyan is Assistant Professor of Economics in Department of Economics and Finance of the Peter J. Tobin College of Business at St. John’s University in New York City. He is a Research Fellow at the Center for Global Business Stewardship and a Vincentian Research Fellow at the Vincentian Centre for Church and Society. Dr. Gevorkyan also serves as Economics Subject Matter Expert for the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See To the United Nations in New York. Additionally, Dr. Gevorkyan has worked as a Visiting Research Fellow at the Central Bank of Armenia. Dr. Gevorkyan’s extensive teaching and research experience covers themes in macroeconomic policy, economic development, international financial economics, labor migration, sovereign debt, commodities markets, and post-socialist transition economics. Dr. Gevorkyan is a co-editor (with Otaviano Canuto) of Financial Deepening and Post-Crisis Development in Emerging Markets (forthcoming with Palgrave MacMillan in 2016). He is also the author of Innovative Fiscal Policy and Economic Development in Transition Economies (Routledge, 2013 in paperback; 2011 in hardcover).