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Long Term Development

The emergence of Africa as a new growth engine, the extension of Brazil’s economic and international affairs far beyond Latin America, the spread of China’s economic footprint and the stagnation of growth in advanced economies are among the trends shaping the global economic picture. 

This program strives to deepen the understanding of these changes, and to explore the role of Morocco in the global economy. It also aims to better understand the relevance of economic integration of the country in the Mediterranean, African and transatlantic regions, with regard to its macroeconomic and commercial policies, free trade agreements and the consistency with its long term growth strategy. More generally, Long term development analyzes the main determinants of economic growth and the strategies that could stimulate long term development.

This economy-oriented program seeks to enhance and promote the drivers of competitiveness and innovation in Morocco with a national, regional and international perspective. It focuses on issues such as Morocco’s growth strategy, industrial specialization and sector strategies, the contribution of education and innovation, the impact of the energy revolution, the potential for wind and solar energies,and its economic positioning in Africa and in the Atlantic space.