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Geopolitics and International Relations

Today, Morocco is facing many global changes that strongly affect its economy, its socio-cultural patterns and its internal policies. The constitution of regional economic and political powers, the emergence of new global decision-making centers, the rise of the BRICs in addition to the globalization of issues such as security, migration and climate change are among the trends shaping tomorrow’s world. A wider perspective is needed in dealing with Morocco’s geopolitics and the country’s role in the global picture.

“Global Morocco” studies the potential outcomes of global trends in different areas, anticipate developments affecting Morocco in the medium and long term as well as to assess public policies’ implications.It strives to engage an informed debate on Morocco’s place in the world, to analyze the future of the Atlantic space and investigate areas of growth and partnerships. This program is also designed to strengthen Morocco’s international position and trade relations and to build its role as a bridge between emerging African countries and advanced economies. 

This program will address topics such as Morocco’s regional positioning and transatlantic relations, migration flows in the Mediterranean, the role of Morocco in addressing global issues such as defense and security in neighboring regions, national renewable energy programs and maritime strategy.