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Commodity Economics & Finance

International commodity prices have seen their volatility increase significantly over the past years. While the 2008 financial crisis has limited the increase in prices, these have remained at historically high levels. At the same time, a slower demand in large emerging markets and a rising demand from dynamic developing economies, particularly in Africa, are growingly affecting prices at the global level.

The “Commodity Economics & Finance” program is designed to analyze the long term drivers of price formation, with a particular focus on food commodities, mining and energy sectors. It aims to contribute to the thinking on the changing nature of commodity markets. In particular, the program seeks to stimulate policy debate on the key factors shaping commodity markets. One of its main objectives is to study the impact of international commodity price fluctuations on commodity-driven economies.

This program focuses on commodities that are of particular importance to the African continent, the role of renewable energies, the emergence of new poles of production and consumption, the role of financialization and the behavior of the various actors in commodity markets.