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Opening Conversation


Populism and Post-Truth Politics: The Backlash against Globalization

While globalization has been credited for helping spur economic growth and lifting people out of poverty, recent years have witnessed a significant backlash against this phenomenon - driven by growing dissatisfaction with some of its consequences (ex: the global economic crisis, increasing income inequality, rising wealth concentrations that hamper social mobility). This session will explore the root causes of this backlash and dwelve further into the distributional impacts of economic integration for developing and developed countries in the Atlantic region. Participants will be encouraged to share experiences from their respective countries and share their views about the most effective policy responses.

• Did globalization play a role in increasing income inequality in the Atlantic?
• Is globalization boosting development or worsening inequality in the Atlantic?
• How can world leaders best address the widespread frustration about globalization? 
• Is a fairer and more inclusive kind of globalization possible?