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AD Talks


1- Mediterranean and North African dimensions of the Atlantic dynamics

The Mediterranean space could be seen as a smaller context of the dynamics at play in the South Atlantic Basin. With two continents facing each other, Europe and the Northern tip of Africa, what lessons can be learned from this geopolitical space still in construction? The last decade has seen the Arab Springs unfold, as well as the economic crisis in Europe and the rise of populism, partly caused by what is perceived as the "migrants’ crisis". European military interventions in Syria and Libya, with dramatic consequences in the Sahel, while the African Union is showing political will to reform its security. Amre Moussa, former Secretary General of the Arab League (2001-11) and former Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs (1991-2001), will discuss these intertwined topics with Miguel Angel Moratinos, former Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs (2004-10).