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AD Talks


AD Talk: Building South-South Partnerships for Development and Security

Recent years have witnessed an intensified discussion on the need for changes in global economic governance. The BRICS have expanded their engagement with Africa. New economic partnerships have been forged, linking Africa not only with the United States and the European Union but also with China, India and South America. Intra-African cooperation has also gained in importance.

• What is the respective role of Africa-Africa, Africa-BRICs and Africa-North cooperation in enhancing Africa’s interests?
• How will these relationships develop over the next 20 years?
• Can enhanced international agreements help?

AD Talk: What Is the Link Between Foreign Policy and Development Strategy? (In French)

Advanced countries see their development aid programs as integral part of their foreign and security policy. The foreign policy of developing countries must reflect development objectives, including attracting foreign aid when appropriate. With globalization and the rise of emerging powers that are themselves developing countries, the links between development and foreign policy have become even more important. 

• Should advanced countries deploy foreign aid to attain their foreign policy objectives or should the two activities be kept as separate as possible?
• Should developing countries place the attraction of foreign aid high in the priorities of their foreign policy, or should the two be kept as separate as possible? 
• Should countries have separate organizations for foreign policy and for development aid? 

AD Talk: Renewable Energy and the Climate Transition

Africa has plenty of land but it will need more food, more renewable water and more renewable energy. Understanding the nexus between water, energy and food – the three great resource constraints -  is key for Africa’s development. As the population grows and the climate changes, the challenges arising from the resource constraints will escalate. Renewable energy production represents an essential need as well as an enormous opportunity for Africa. 

• How can African countries achieve food security in the face of their water and energy constraint?
• Which role can stakeholders - governments, private sector, foreign investors, etc.- play in this process?
• Will climate change drastically transform this picture?