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Med Report 2018 Building Trust: The Challenge of Peace and Stability in the Mediterranean

ISPI | December 24, 2018

The fourth edition of the MED Report, published by ISPI (the Italian Institute for International Political Studies), offers a vast array of insights, data and analyses on political, socio-economic and security dynamics unfolding throughout the region. In particular, the first section of the Report focuses on positive trends and achievements brought forward by regional actors. It also provides policy recommendations to strengthen these positive dynamics, with a view to further improving the socio-economic, political and security contexts in the Mediterranean basin. The second section turns the spotlight on the main security, political, economic and cultural challenges the region is currently facing. The Report collects insights, analyses and policy recommendations from different perspectives and countries, also thanks to the collaboration of MED research partners and international experts. 

In this edition, three Senior Fellows from the Policy Center for the New South contributed to the Report. In Part 1 of the report, Positive Trends & Opportunities, Fathallah Oualalou contributed the paper “Growth in tourism: the Mediterranean scenario”(27-31), while Uri Dadush and Tayeb Amegroud contributed to Part 2 on Shared Prosperity, with the articles “Youth unemployment: a common problem with different solutions?” (94-98), and “Renewable energy: a solution to climate change”(98-103), respectively.