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About the Speakers :

  • John Baffes

    John Baffes is a Senior Economist at the World Bank. His responsibilities include commodity market monitoring and price projections for tropical as well as research on market structure and policy reform issues both in developing and OECD countries. John has a BS degree in Economics from the University of Athens (1983), an MSc degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Georgia (1986), and a PhD in Agricultural and Resource Economics from the University of Maryland (1992).

  • Bahattin Buyuksahin

    Bahattin Buyuksahin currently heads the research on commodity markets as the Policy Adviser of Commodities at the Bank of Canada. Bahattin has over eight years of experience in financial oil and energy markets. Bahattin Buyuksahin holds a Ph.D. in Economics from American University, Washington D.C.

  • Mohammed Rachid Doukkali

    Prof. Mohammed Rachid Doukkali is a professor of applied economics at the Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Institute Hassan II of Rabat, and a Senior non-resident Fellow at the OCP Policy Center. He is coordinator or member of several national and international networks and teams related to agricultural policies, natural resources management, and rural development.

  • Hélyette Geman

    Hélyette GEMAN is a Professor of Finance at Birkbeck, University of London where she is the Director of the Commodity Finance Centre and Research Professor at John Hopkins University. Professor Geman has been for the last 18 years a scientific advisor to major banks, energy and mining companies as well as commodity houses, covering the spectrum of interest rates, catastrophic risk, crude oil and electricity, metals and agriculturals.

  • Pierre-Noël Giraud

    Pierre-Noël Giraud, graduated from École Polytechnique, École des Mines and Université de la Sorbonne. He is now Professor of Economics at Mines ParisTech and Dauphine PSL Research Universoty. He is member of the French Academy of Technologies, and of the Scientific Council of Orange He is also member of the board of Areva NC.

  • Christophe Gouel

    Christophe Gouel is an economist INRA laboratory. He worked at the World Bank (2011-2012) and the CEPII (2006-2008) on the coordination of agricultural trade policies to limit the volatility of food prices. Christophe Gouel has a PhD in economics from the Ecole Polytechnique. His research interests are mainly on trade policies, agricultural policies and development of the MIRAGE model.

  • David Humphreys

    David Humphreys is an independent mining sector consultant based in the UK. David has written and lectured extensively on the economics of the mining and metals industries. He has been a visiting scholar at the Colorado School of Mines and at the Catholic University of Chile in Santiago, and Bosch Fellow at the Transatlantic Academy in Washington DC. He has a bachelor›s degree and PhD from the University of Wales.

  • Yves Jégourel

    Dr Yves Jégourel is associate professor in finance at the University of Bordeaux (France), and a research fellow at OCP Policy Center. Y. Jégourel conducts research in commodity economics and financial risk management. His most recent research examines the link between the volatility of the futures market, exchange rate uncertainty and the export of cereals.

  • Francis Perrin

    Francis Perrin is a Professor at Universities of Grenoble and Lyon and a Senior Research Fellow at IRIS, specialist on Energy issues. Francis Perrin has a PhD in energy economics from the Pierre-Mendès France University in Grenoble and a diploma from the Institut d›Etudes Politiques of Grenoblerate uncertainty and the export of cereals.

  • Michael Tamvakis

    Michael Tamvakis trained as an economist at the Athens University of Economics and Business in Greece. He then joined the International Centre for Shipping, Trade and Finance at the (then) City University Business School; first as a student on its MSc programme, and then as a member of its academic staff, when he also received his PhD. Between April 2003 and March 2009 he was the Associate Dean for undergraduate programmes at Cass.

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