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World Bank: A Hummingbird on the Firing Line

Otaviano Canuto | Posted : January 14, 2019

Last week Jim Yong Kim, president of the World Bank, unexpectedly announced his resignation, effective as soon as next month and three and a half years prior to the end of his second mandate. Given the current environment of challenged and weakened multilateralism, the aftermath of his succession has a relevance that transcends the limits of that institution.

7ème édition des Emerging Leaders Program: Préparer l’avenir de la communauté atlantique

Mokhtar Ghailani | Posted : December 15, 2018

La 7ème édition des Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders Program (ADEL), tenue les 11 et 12 de ce mois de décembre 2018, à l’Université Mohammed VI, à Benguérir, est venue confirmer la reconnaissance mondiale dont jouit désormais cette plateforme d’échanges et de dialogue dédiée aux jeunes entrepreneurs et décideurs appartenant aux pays de la communauté atlantique (Afrique, Caraïbes, Europe, Amérique latine et États-Unis). Reconnaissance témoignée aussi bien par des pairs du Policy center que par les jeunes leaders si l’on en juge par le nombre de plus en plus croissant des candidatures. Sur ce dernier point, il convient de savoir qu’en vue de cette 7ème édition, le nombre des candidats est passé à 3000 contre un millier en 2017. Sur les 3000 candidats, seulement quelques 45 ont été retenus. Depuis 2012, date de son lancement, ils sont quelque 300 jeunes et dynamiques leaders de divers horizons à avoir bénéficié de cette initiative du Policy Center for the New South. 

Are we missing the next Sergey Brin?

Uri Dadush | Posted : December 10, 2018

The Entrepreneurship of Migrants was one of the topics under discussion in the UN Global Forum, which just concluded in Marrakesh with the adoption of a Global Compact on Migration.  

International Economic Cooperation in Troubled Times: A Call for Strong Action by the G20

Uri Dadush , Axel Berger , Andreas Freytag , Simon J. Evenett , Christian von Haldenwang , Ricardo Meléndez-Ortiz , Raul Ochoa , Agustin Redonda , Karl P. Sauvant | Posted : November 26, 2018

*The recommendations put forth below have been published, both print and online, in the Financial Times

The leaders of the G20 will meet on 30 November and 1 December in Buenos Aires for their annual summit. They need to acknowledge that the last two years have been characterized by strong headwinds for the world economy. This time, however, it is not a mixture of poor macroeconomic policies and bad business decisions – as in 2008 when they met in Washington for their first summit – that endangers the well-being of billions of citizens around the globe. This time the threat stems from deliberate political decisions, in particular on trade

What was discussed at the Climate Change Workshop in Paris?

Maha Skah | Posted : November 15, 2018

The workshop “Coping with Climate Change” gathered experts, policy-makers and researchers to discuss recent econometric work on decoupling greenhouse gas emissions and economic growth. It explored different policies and instruments that countries and financial institutions are adopting to cope with the effects of climate change (adaptation) and to contribute to the global effort to combat climate change (mitigation). 

L’avenir du travail : quel effet d’une automatisation accrue ?

Yassine Msadfa | Posted : November 05, 2018

Il y a une dizaine d’années, le nombre et la complexité des taches que pouvaient effectuer les robots semblaient encore limités. Aujourd’hui, certains robots, munis d’une intelligence artificielle développée, réussissent à apprendre et à exceller dans des jeux de stratégie assez complexes, comme les échecs ou le jeu de GO. Le développement de la robotique, de l’intelligence artificielle et de l’automatisation, en général, s’est fait de façon relativement rapide, incitant plusieurs experts à prévoir un avenir où les hommes peineraient à trouver du travail dans le sens où le gros du travail serait fait par des machines.

Benefits and Costs of Islamic Finance

Otaviano Canuto | Posted : November 05, 2018

Islamic finance is a way of doing finance while respecting the Islamic ban on interest-based transactions and ensuring risk sharing between parties in all operations. Contracts are supposed to rule out features that would make them akin to gambling or “making money from money.” Furthermore, engagements in businesses considered immoral or ethically problematic are not allowed.

Energy Security Value Chain: A New Challenge for China?

Bouchra Rahmouni | Posted : October 19, 2018

There are various definitions of Energy Security (ES) and numerous ways of understanding the concept. For this blog’s purpose, we will choose the familiar understanding of the latter as put forward by the George W. Bush Administration, i.e. it represents a situation where four characteristics are met, an energy supply that is:
(1) Reliable (2) affordable (3) environmentally sound and (4) accessible.