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Margot Le Guen

The quality of the networking made the experience extraordinarily stimulating on both personal and professional levels. The EL program is perfect in its gathering of young leaders in various fields as well as high-caliber speakers and experts in a 100% interactive forum. "

Samira Azzam

Romain Limouzin

The individual experiences proved that the leadership and the capacity to influence people are at reach when supported by talent and real willingness to act. It gave me examples of successes and probably a more open-minded view of the initiatives that can be engaged in order to support ideas and actions. "

Ryan Berger

Sara Kadaoui

In addition to the valuable conferences, Emerging Leaders get to meet an incredible professional network and make encounters that last beyond the program. It has been an unforgettable experience. "

Alexandru Cosmin Buteica

I was honored to have the chance to exchange opinions and ideas on various topics, from political and economic thinking, to nowadays challenges with many high-ranked international officials. I trust that through the Emerging Leaders network one may collaboratively develop solutions or draw better paths for mitigating regional and global issues. "

Mbuih Zukane

This has created an abiding positive impact on my career. Building on my proactive participation and leadership skills, I was immediately appointed in my institution – Bureau of Conferences in the University of Dschang. I have also been to train 200 other young leaders in Cameroon. "


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