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Our podcasts are theme specific presentations addressed by our network of experts and partners. You can browse the podcasts and download or listen to the ones of interest. We also invite you to subscribe to Policy Center for the New South’s Itunes Podcast station in order to stay informed of the latest briefs.  



Investissements Chinois en Europe : Partie 2

John Seaman | Thu, 15 May 2018

Les réponses de l’expert John Seaman aux questions que nous lui avons posées, permettent de mieux cerner la réalité des investissements chinois en Europe. Ceci en évoquant les craintes que les desdits investissements suscitent dans le Vieux continent, mais aussi les opportunités qu’ils y apportent.

The Nuclear situation in Iran, transatlantic relations, and economic and political shifts in Latin America

Marcus Freitas | Fri, 27 April 2018

In this podcast, our senior fellow Marcus Vinicius de Freitas discusses the Iranian nuclear deal, transatlantic relations - namely the relations between Brazil and African countries - and delves into the economic and political shifts in Latin America.

The African Free Trade Agreement: under which conditions will it succeed?

Uri Daduch | Wed, 18 April 2018

We interviewed Uri Dadush about his last note, written with our economist Rim Berahab about the recently signed African Free Trade Agreement. What is exactly, how will it benefit to the African countries and what conditions are needed to ensure its implementation and success?

Peacekeeping in Africa : The Importance of the Regional

Ewan Lawson | Mon, 16 April 2018

The African Union Peace and Security Architecture continues to develop with the aspiration to replace the UN as the focus for peace and security in Africa. Key to the African Union’s success will be its relationships with the regional organizations within the continent although the development of these is inconsistent. Whilst ECOWAS continues to develop strongly in West Africa for example, North Africa regional organisations generally remain underdeveloped. This podcast will focus on the regional approach to peacekeeping operations.

The Financialization of Commodity Markets: A Short-lived Phenomenon?

Yves Jégourel | Mon, 19 March 2018

Dans ce briefing, Yves Jegourel, Senior Fellow à l’OCP Policy Cener, reviens sur les messages clés du rapport “The Financialization of Commodity markets: A Short-lived Phenomenon?” qu’il a également édité. Il y défini la financiarization des marchés de matières premières, et présente la dimension à la fois technique et stratégique de ce rapport.


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